Saturday, November 29, 2008

Books variously...

making me happy / blowing my mind, the latest (per Tami's request!):

1) 2666. After Savage Detectives, the first novel I'd maybe ever read that was written like poets write, Bolano became my new favorite novelist. This one's a beast. 200 pages in (of what, 900+?), it makes me feel good about writing.

2) Bird & Forest, Brent Cunningham. I know, this one's a few years old now, but I found it in a used book store in Mountain View (!) then read it on the train while on a field trip with 42 8th graders. It's a sweet book, wandery.

3) Picture Palace, Stephanie Young.

and the other newbie from ingirumimusnocteetcomsumimurigni:

4) Action Kylie, Kevin Killian.

These two are too new for me to have a complete sense of them yet, but I've been enjoying the process. & ingirumimusnocteetcomsumimurigni is the only press out there that only publishes poetry that I care about. That's not a surprise to anyone, but I'm glad they're out there.

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Tami A said...

Thank you Dan! And, as you can see, I am paying attention. Just started reading The Savage Detectives. Love it.