Monday, February 15, 2010

Deactivation vs. deletion

This is a topic that I'm sure people have covered in greater detail in other parts of the interwebs, and if I cared more I would research and post links, but I don't really.

My two-week experiment with facebook ended this morning, after a bizarre comment that was posted to my 'wall' by a 'friend'. I showed it to Kate and we agreed that any facebook is probably too much facebook. I have deactivated my account, which is apparently as close as I'm allowed to get to deleting it. Because you never know when you'll want to come back. Kind of like all those old friends and former partners and estranged family members that facebook 'connects' you to. It's the 'you never know' network—maybe you'll want to actually be friends with those people again, or rekindle that old flame, or talk to those family members—on some level you're pretty sure you won't, but YOU NEVER KNOW. Sort of like how gmail doesn't actually delete anything—you never know when you'll want to read that email you thought you threw away. In the age of digital reproduction, there is no reason to end anything. The false infinity of capitalism.

Anyway, facebook people should know it's nothing personal. Ha.

In other, significantly more exciting/interesting news, I just got word from editor Megan Garr that Versal Magazine of Amsterdam will be publishing a poem of mine called "Cottage industry" in their 8th issue this spring. I'm honored to be a part of Versal—it's a gorgeous magazine, from what I've seen of it (which is only one issue, but it was lovely!), and I dig their collective exploration of the notion of the 'translocal'. Cottage industry is also one of my favorite poems that I've ever written, so it's exciting for me to think about seeing it in print. They'll be having a release party in Amsterdam in May—wouldn't it be nice if Kate, Sonia and I could somehow make that trip...? Day dreaming; stay tuned.

[Also, upcoming:

1) A blog post about ON: Contemporary Practice #2. I've begun reading through and continue to be blown away by this magazine. It's like having a great conversation with a bunch of smart poets. Learning so much, and loving every minute of it.

2) News about With + Stand's Lisa Robertson Issue, which is going to shatter all records.

Soon soon.]

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