Thursday, July 21, 2011

Online poetry resources

I'm compiling some lists for Anna & Emma, two students about to enter the 9th grade, who are doing an independent study with me this summer on contemporary poetry. We've been reading Juliana Spahr's Well Then There Now, Joseph Lease's Testify, and Jennifer Moxley's The Line. They are some hardcore young people.

This first list is of online resources; it will be revised and updated. Coming soon: a list of great paper journals.
The single best place for all things relating to boundary-pushing poetry

Eclipse—lots of scans of older small-run books (language poets esp.); super useful

The Electronic Poetry Center—lots of useful information on poets
Amazing archive of sound/visual/avant-garde poetry
Penn Sound—archive of recordings of poets
Super strong collection of poets
Annual journal—really smart—also includes PDFs of chapbook-length projects
Lots of writing about writing—interesting articles—as well as creative work
Fiction & poetry
International poetry
Poetry by women
Site-based investigations, poetry & prose
Poet Michael Cross’s blog—lots of great reviews of great books
Politics & poetry
Environment & poetry
Compiles an annual list of various peoples’ favorite poetry books/journals/etc.
Art & culture
Suzanne Stein at SF MOMA brings together some really smart people for this project
Beautifully designed, lots of beautiful work (Phoebe Wayne in the current issue is amazing)
Poetry journal
Good reviews
Good reviews
Many good guest bloggers
At one time the clearinghouse for poetry news, though no longer; still useful
Lots of good poetry

Steven Fama writes long and smart reviews of lots of different poetry books

Great press and paper journal, also publishes excellent work online
Good reviews by a range of writers
Poetry and chapbooks
David Wolach's smart, smart blog
Thom Donovan's likewise excellent blog—lots of great stuff on art & music as well as poetry
A video journal run by the inimitable CA Conrad—he brings in some amazing folks
Speaking of CA Conrad, these poetry exercises are unlike anything else.

Poets writing about work/labor—the paying kind
New-ish, but very promising
Longer projects


Recordings of live readings in the Bay Area
Art & culture

San Francisco State Poetry Center's Digital Archive
Visual & concrete poetry archive

HOW2—innovative poetry by women

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