Monday, January 28, 2013

Shout Outs

Some of the projects that I was lucky to publish in 2012 got some shout outs in various year-enders. Kate & Sonia (in the months before our second daughter's birth) was called "moving and pleasurable" by Eileen Tabios. The Great American Beatjack Volume I got a couple mentions: Lauren Levin had this to say in her Attention Span entry for 2012:
This exquisite object has to be held to be believed, and has to be spiraled to be read. And then there’s the poetry. I love Dan Thomas-Glass’s music, his honesty, and his tireless explorations of community, memory, gender roles, and the future—embodied in his daughters Sonia and Alma, and in political hope.
Erica Lewis mentioned the beatjack in her Disinhibitions entry for Michael Cross:
generosity. love. family. music. dan is one of the most sincere poets out there. and you can feel him putting it all out there. each and every poem. makes you want to believe in something.
I'm very honored by all three—I want my poems to be moving, musical, and sincere—and I'm humbled to know some of these wonderful poets took the time to read and think about the work.

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